About our Monastery Prayer Ropes


These prayer ropes are wrapped using either 100% Marina Wool or Satin Cord. We offer these Prayer Ropes in a variety of sizes - both 10 knot finger rings (only available in wool) and 33 knot bracelets as well as the more standard 50 and 100 knot sizes.

The default color for all of these ropes is black. The images in the prayer rope descriptions are for general reference only. If you wish for a different color please contact us to see whether or no we have your desired color already made in our limited on-hand stock.

Beads are usually placed between every 25 knots of the ropes for the 50 and 100 knot prayer ropes. For the 33 and 10 knot ropes there is a single bead.  For now we will not be accepting orders for custom made ropes of any sort.

We also offer special order sizes of 150 and 300 knot ropes if desired, (again, please inquire for details and prices for the out of the ordinary sizes).

To purchase our prayer ropes GO HERE.