About our Monastery Coffee


Monastery Blend Coffee is roasted and bagged immediately in silver foil bags with special valves that ensure freshness for months. Our beans are hand selected in small lots and slow roasted, making sure the aroma, flavor and color is perfect. Human touch is all the technology we need!

The name of the blends we offer at the moment are: Abbot's Choice, Promised Blend, Shade-grown Organic, Deacon's Decaf and Byzantium. We also offer Christmas Blend, but only for a few months before Christmas itself.

Those who are interested to purchase our coffee (whether in beans or ground) should Contact Us directly regarding wholesale discounts, arrangements for payment and shipping, and the rest.

Please note that we have had to raise the price on the coffee as of 11/5/21 due to the roaster also adding a price increase. 12 ounce bags are now $10.50 and 5 lb bags are now $60.00.

Also, as long as the address given by our customers is the one we ship their item to and the shipping service shows the purchase as delivered, we are not accountable for the orders as we have done our part. Customers should make sure packages are reliably deliverable to the shipping addresses they provide us.